Who Needs Lost Life


Do you suspect that a loved one paid premiums for a policy that was never paid at the time of death?  Is it possible that proceeds are being held for you from unclaimed life insurance policies?  Or individual annuities?   Or unpaid pension plans?   If so, you should notify the issuing company immediately that you wish to file a claim.

After you file your claim, the company will assist you, by furnishing necessary forms and advice.  There is no charge for this service by insurance companies.

A real problem arises when it is almost certain that the deceased person had some kind of policy, but you have no information about the name of the issuing company nor any working address to use to contact that company.

No governmental agency or other organization has a list of life insurance policies or group policies that may be in force anywhere in the country.

Because there is no consolidated listing or central source of insurance that is in force and where to find it, a beneficiary can only contact each company separately, asking each if they have the records being sought.




L.L.I.F.E. maintains a database of insurance company names and addresses – ready to go at all times – although the actual number of comanies has been shrinking a little over the past 15 years. We act in your behalf as we assist you by composing a letter for you, containing necessary facts and background information.

After crafting a satisfactory letter for you from the details and information you provide, we then forward your letter directly to all the insurance Claims Centers in the United States. We ask the skilled clerks working in every major life insurance records area to search company records for the policies you seek.

Employees of the various insurance companies receive your letter, search their records, and answer directly to you, not to L.L.I.F.E. Our task is complete when all the companies receive your inquiry.

Of course, we are only a telephone call away if you have questions.

If a company finds your policy and if you are the beneficiary, they will forward claim forms with their reply to you. It is our experience that many companies who find nothing, simply do not respond, because they found no record. Or they may write, “No Record Found,” or some similar response across the letter they receive, and return that to you.

If life insurance policies do exist at the moment of death, they should be found, and they should be paid to the proper beneficiaries! We help you find the unpaid policies, at a cost lower than you would spend for the stamps to contact each company yourself!

L.L.I.F.E. (the Lost Life Insurance Finding Expert) was created to provide you, the probate attorney, the Private Investigator (PI), Police Departments searching for motives, and the general public with a low cost, highly effective service to find death benefits, annuities, and pension plans for deceased individuals.

It has been reported that as much as $1 BILLION is sitting in escrow in U.S. life insurance company accounts for unclaimed life insurance policies, individual annuities, and pension plans. These funds have gone unclaimed because family members and beneficiaries are unaware that the policies exist at the time of death. Sign up with L.L.I.F.E. to uncover those unclaimed policy funds.


Your Ultimate Peace of Mind

L.L.I.F.E. was founded to give you another chance after everything else has failed. We compose a very special request letter just for you. We then send an original copy to every licensed entity that sells life insurance products in the United States. The companies send their answers to this letter directly to you if they have any files about your loved one. If they have nothing in their files, there is no reason for them to go to the time and expense of writing to say they have no information to report, and so companies do not send negative replies, in general.

Your next question might be: I have come to the end of the line because I cannot find anything, what should I do next? This question reflects the ultimate frustration. L.L.I.F.E. understands that frustration. (That is what inspired our Founder, Paul Archibald, to give birth to this industry in the first place, back in 1995.) Sometimes, after we complete a search, there is still no policy found. (If premiums were missed, if someone else was named Beneficiary – these actions may have ended the policy previously. You are not always told why, and so you want to know what to try after that… This business has evolved to bring you the peace of mind that can only come from our assurance that we check, in writing, with every company currently working today, and none of them can locate any record that they are allowed to share with you. Now this could be your answer: (Remember, if someone completely different from you and your family happened to be the beneficiary at the moment of death, then their right to privacy cannot be breached either, just as yours could not. In that unlikely event, such a policy could indeed exist without being reported to you.) Such an outlandish possibility exists because a theory exists which states that if the insured wanted you to have that information, the insured should have given you that information directly. (And yes, I know, that shields the wrong-doer if fraud was involved in changing otherwise legitimate paperwork.)