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If you choose to mail your inquiry with check enclosed:

Your completed form and check should be sent directly to us by regular, first-class mail.  Please put the completed forms into an envelope with your check and send using just a 49-cent stamp (ONLY.)  We have “rural delivery.”  The postman will not stop to ask for signatures for special-service mailing pieces.  (These are frequently sent back to you as non-deliverable.)  A copy of your information can be sent ahead attached to an e-mail message.  Typed statements or scanned copies can be included, so we can begin preparation of your letter while we await your check.  You do not actually need to use our form if that is not convenient.  Simply reply by e-mail; just try to include answers to all the questions that appear on the form.  Tell us in your message when to expect your check to arrive (using regular, first-class mail service).


LLIFE maintains a master list containing the names and addresses of Insurance Company Claim Centers.  We use this listing in its entirety for every search.  

The major insurance companies all have centralized offices in one or two major cities, but do business in some form, in most states. Therefore, most of the largest companies have their central offices many miles away from you, but they still do a lot of business in your immediate area.

The challenge is to create a good letter that clearly explains the facts and also asks for a search for policy records.  My total fee for preparing and mailing such a letter to all the companies is just $108.50. For that price, I generate at least 420 individual letters with the information you provide.  You could not buy enough U.S. postage stamps, if you were doing the same job yourself, for that low price.  Also, locating addresses for each letter, and individually addressing each, folding and inserting, would require extraordinary amounts of your time.

I can do all of that for you, with delivery promised to every separate company within 48 hours or less! We do the preparation and mailing of all the initial request letters.  Each letter contains your name and address, not ours.  Therefore, after the companies do the requested searches, they respond directly to you WHEN THEY FIND SOMETHING. They also contact you directly for any additional items they may require.