Over 420 Separate LIFE Companies - just $108.50

Less  than  the  cost  of  Letters you would need to write to every company yourself.

Send a letter with full particulars and check to:  
Paul Archibald
The Lost  Life Insurance  Finding Expert – (L.L.I.F.E.)
11630 E Briar Patch Dr.
Midlothian, VA 23113

Email:  archibaldpaul@hotmail.com
Telephone: 804-594-2359

You will receive written replies directly from individual companies or their employees we contacted for you.
When a loved one dies, how do you find out if they had any life Insurance?

Who gets that money, if nobody knew what insurance existed or where to collect?

Were you supposed to be a beneficiary?

In 10 days or less, we can check each and every life insurance company at its headquarters to ask if they have any of the life insurance policies you are looking for!

Lost Life insurance Finding Expert,

Finding & Locating Companies